Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tips for your home to be Vastu Complaint

Tips for your home to be Vastu Complaint :

Naked walls should be replaced with pictures of Lord Ganesha.  Leaving the wall naked is a sign of loneliness.

Toilets should be built towards the west or south. If built in the eastern corner, it will cause a lot of ailments.

Don't place pictures of owl, vulture, war, eagle, crying girl, nudes, some kind of erotica, angry people etc.  These pictures are considered as inauspicious.

If you have doors that open outwards, replace them with doors that open inwards.

Don't use those beds whose bottom surface touches the ground wholly.

Cooking should be done facing east.  Never cook facing south.  West can be an option if no other alternative is available.

While sleeping, keep your head towards the south or west.  Try not to sleep in a northerly direction.

No room should be constructed under the stairs.

Water body in front of the entrance door is considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra.

While reading, face north or east.

Closet or cupboards in the wall should be in the western or southern part.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vastu - The Interesting Story

Vastu Sastra is a 5000 year old Indian science of dwelling found in the Vedas- the ancient Indian scriptures.  How did Vastu shastra originate? There is a very interesting story behind it. Legend has it that the Vindhya mountains that separate the north and South of India had the tendency to keep growing so as to obstruct the Sun, Sage Agastya the renowned sage jouneyed from the Northern part of India to the south.  On the way he met the mountain and requested him  to give way since it had now become impassable.  

The mountain in reverence in the Sage bowed low.  Now Sage Agastya and his disciplines and family passed from the North to the South.  The Sage told the mountain to remain so until his return.  Agastya settled permanently in the South.  It is believed that from this incident the Vaasthu Sastra was born.  That is why people ask you to follow the North to South pattern in many things you to at home.

Vastu Shastra is comprised of two words - Vastu, which means the dwelling placeof humans, and Sastra, which means 'science'.  In other words, Vastu sastra is the science that deals with human dwellings.  It is believed that anyone observing the principles of Vastu Shastra in any enclosed space will be blessed with health, prosperity, happiness, joy, peace of mind and love.  A dweller in harmony with the environment will enjoy a less stressful life.

Vastu is based on the arrangements and balancing of the five elements, - ether, air, fire, water and earth in their proper order and proportions.  It focuses on the law of nature and flow of energy and anyone living in tune with the cosmic forces will enjoy beneficial energy flowing into their property.  Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu architectural practice, which involves the construction of buildings in harmony with the natural forces, for the welfare of mankind as a whole.  It is a rich Indian philosophy, which has got its roots in a number of ancient works, including the Vedas.

Vastu shastra is an age-old traditional practice, which is followed to bring health, wealth and prosperity in the life of a person.  It is a science of directions that has man as its central part.  He is considered as the subject, object and cause of architecture.  Vastu acts as the balancing force between man and nature.  It gives advice for almost everything right related to a building.  The study of Vaasthu owes its origin to India and follows Indian culture, traditions and climatic conditions. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Matching the Horoscopes

Horoscopes is one of the important in the Hindus because they believe in it.  Since long in Hinduism there is a tradition that marriages are fixed by matching the horoscopes of the Girl and Boy.  The astrologers the match when they find MARS debilitation or some other reason.

Why people want to match the horoscopes? They accept to match the horoscopes because it is related with Goddess, Hinduism, Vastu and Astrology.  But in the future when the Vaastu Shastra spreads into the depths of the people the Vaastu of the girls house and the Boys house will become the Horoscope for alliance. Any knowledgeable person in Vastu Shastra can predict the Present - Past and future of the girl or Boy by seeing the house and fix the marriage accordingly for a happy, prosperous, married life.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goddes Temple Facing System

Goddess Temple facing towards north and south tall gopuram on garbha griham.

Specimen structure of any building : Any number of floors with extra floor on south gives tremendous strength and divine energy for the institution.

For any large size building or small size house, the East side verandah or corridor and North Side verandah bring prosperity to the building.

Wherever in the world the Hindu Temple is constructed by following this nature's principle, the followers will prosper in all fields.

In principle, sub temples for other Hindu Gods will diminish the power of the main temple.  Any temple should have one deity only.

Even the numbers 1-3-7-9 are holy in Hindu belief.  The most sacred number is 9 ancient days.

Epic Mahabharata has 18 chapters (8+1=9)

The Mahabharata war took place over 18 days

The Battalions participated in it were 18.

Bhagavat Geeta has 108 slokas.

STAR galaxies are - 27. (2+7=9)

Chanting any 'MANTRA' 108 times is auspicious.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Hindus believe that installation of the 'SRICHAKRA' in any Temple or any institution gives long life and Divine blessing.  Just 'SRICHAKRA' does not bring any change in life.  Chakra means wheel.  Any wheel will have a  central hole.  That means any house or any installation if provided open sky in the centre will brings mystic power and Royalty.  Centre open sky is generally called as 'BRAHMA STANAM' by many people.

Even the SRICHAKRA shape centre open sky.

The west tall building.  South side building and North side building.  But East side there should be single floor level only.  It extra floors should not be raised.  In the total premises in the centre open sky with waste pond will give immence power to to the Institution of whatever.

Any number of floors can be raised on west and south.  Lower level is auspicious on North.  Even just compound wall on East with big gate (East ride) is also more powerful and it becames very famous.  The Roads are the symbols of growth roads on all rides of the institution are very good.


For the present day problems in man's life or in over all society.  This Vaastu Shaastra.  The ancient Hindu DIVINE thought in the NEW AMRIT.  There is a mythological story that Lord Vishnu has distributed AMRIT to the DEVATAS.  Lord Vishnu separated "Rakshasa's and Devatas" into two rows, ordered the Rakhasa's to be seated on SOUTH  and WEST facing and DEVATAS on EAST AND north facing.

In nature South and West directions are aggressive.  Negative and attacking Force.  Destruction also is advanced in these directions.  The East and North Positive soft self defensive.  Any culture, Truth belief settled in East and North survive longer TIME than South and West settled one.

Make use of this NEW AMRIT SCIENCE in overall prosperity of manking.  If a library constructed, the knowledge spreads.  It if is an educational institution.  Well known acadamicious educationalists prosper.  If any commercial establishment is constructed according to Vaastu.  Business prospers.  If it is military factory.

Military will be successful in any event of war.  Of the Temple is constructed in Vaastu perfection Religious psreads.  Powerful Vaastu in Government establishments ministers houses.  Assemblies make the Nation more prosperous.  I humbly present my limited knowledge about Vaastu the DIVINE SCIENCE  for the use of all people.  More knowledeable persons in future will do more research in Vaastu and reveal new knowledge for the happiness of all mankind.

More knowledge on Vaasthu brings more realisation about God-Godliness and his relationship to the life on the earth.

Author :  We supposed to take some points from 'Discovery of Invisible God' written by Pulla Rao for Vaastu Saastra.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vaastu Shaastra in practical life

A person's housescope is based on his place of birth. Life's destiny starts from the place where any individual is born.  This is practical Vaastu.  If you select quality seeds and if you throw it in fertile land, you can expect very good yield.  Similarly, if you select a good plot for construction of a house and with perfect Vaastu you will prosper very well and the sons and daughters will be blessed with good life.

If you select a bad quality seed even if it is thrown in a fertile Land the result will be very minimum.  Like that if you built a bad house with bad Vaastu in a good place the prosperity will be very minimal.  If you select a bad seed and throw it on bad land the result will be very disastrous.

In the same way, when the land is bad and the house construction is also bad according to Vaastu, the family will face disastrous results.  In the case of many constructions, we find that they remain incomplete for several years. This is because there is some thing wrong with the Vaastu of that building and the place.

Before selecting a plot one has to be careful in which direction the house is facing and from the house in which direction you are moving towards the road.  Any solid object on Earth emits the invisible energy rays to all directions, similarly it receives the invisible energy rays from all directions.  When a person (solid object) staying in a place will be effected by his staying, moving from that house Positively or Negatively.

Source :  Vaastu Shaastra by Pullarao

Pooja rooms in the house

The Gods should be installed in the West facing the East door so that room attracts intense devotion from the residents.  Meditation facing the east makes the person more spiritually knowledgeable soft and kind in thinking.

The pictures of the gods put up on south walls facing north increase the divinity and demand more devotion from the inhabitants.  Prayers rendered facing southern direction make the person aggressive in thinking as the power originates from the southern direction.

That's why the goddess (Maha Sakthi) is installed in the south facing north as there is the living room in the north and main central entrance in the north makes the deity more powerful and the ardent devotees of this goddess will possess leadership qualities commanding the respect which the tall gopuram on the sanctum sanctorum (grabagraha) in south direction bestows on the goddess.

The pooja room on the western wall with its entrance on side and the deities or photos facing east is ideal but the house owner should sit in the south, facing north while praying this will give more power to the deities and the devotees.  The shelf can be arranged on the North-east corner for God's photos, so that brings peace, compassion philosophic thinking.

There is a general belief that the pooja room can be in the north-east corner.  The north-east corner is the place of lord Eswara.  It should be free with windows (northeast wall and eastern wall) there should not be any room on the north-east corner for pooja.  In the temple the God is installed on west, but not in the North-east direction.