Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tips for your home to be Vastu Complaint

Tips for your home to be Vastu Complaint :

Naked walls should be replaced with pictures of Lord Ganesha.  Leaving the wall naked is a sign of loneliness.

Toilets should be built towards the west or south. If built in the eastern corner, it will cause a lot of ailments.

Don't place pictures of owl, vulture, war, eagle, crying girl, nudes, some kind of erotica, angry people etc.  These pictures are considered as inauspicious.

If you have doors that open outwards, replace them with doors that open inwards.

Don't use those beds whose bottom surface touches the ground wholly.

Cooking should be done facing east.  Never cook facing south.  West can be an option if no other alternative is available.

While sleeping, keep your head towards the south or west.  Try not to sleep in a northerly direction.

No room should be constructed under the stairs.

Water body in front of the entrance door is considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra.

While reading, face north or east.

Closet or cupboards in the wall should be in the western or southern part.

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