Saturday, May 26, 2012

Matching the Horoscopes

Horoscopes is one of the important in the Hindus because they believe in it.  Since long in Hinduism there is a tradition that marriages are fixed by matching the horoscopes of the Girl and Boy.  The astrologers the match when they find MARS debilitation or some other reason.

Why people want to match the horoscopes? They accept to match the horoscopes because it is related with Goddess, Hinduism, Vastu and Astrology.  But in the future when the Vaastu Shastra spreads into the depths of the people the Vaastu of the girls house and the Boys house will become the Horoscope for alliance. Any knowledgeable person in Vastu Shastra can predict the Present - Past and future of the girl or Boy by seeing the house and fix the marriage accordingly for a happy, prosperous, married life.

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